A Collaboration Between the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, Israel, and the Jewish Funders Network

Jewish Funders Network grows the size and impact of Jewish philanthropy. We connect funders together, empower individual excellence, and catalyze collective action. We work for a vibrant, meaningful, inclusive, interconnected, creative, and compassionate world.

JFN facilitates connections among like-minded partners, mobilizes the power of the collective, and provides a forum to discuss the big questions facing the Jewish community and the larger world. JFN creates tools, identifies best practices, and provides a broad range of philanthropic services to its members and the next generation of funders.

To be eligible for Matching Grants Initiatives, the norm is for donors to be members of the Jewish Funders Network.  Donors that are not already JFN members are requested to contact JFN to discuss the benefit of membership. Learn more here.

Membership is open to individuals and foundations that give away at least $25,000 annually, and do so in the name of Jewish values, whether specifically to Jewish causes or to broader areas. Membership dues are assessed annually, and are based on the scale of your grantmaking.

Benefits of JFN Membership include year-round programming on Jewish philanthropic topics, including the annual International Conference to be held in San Francisco on March 17-19, 2019; access to peer networks and professional development opportunities; and Member-to-Member introductions.

To learn more about JFN’s matching grants initiatives and membership benefits, please watch our membership video.